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Your Best Day Ever!

At the close of your day, what would help you say,

"This was the Best Day Ever!"?

Let's take a moment for some brainstorming.

What would you do to celebrate you?

What would happen to give you those gut-wrenching/cheek hurting giggles?

What connections with people would you make?

What connections would you make with your mind, body and soul?

Would you spend your day alone or with others?

Would you want a fast-paced, action filled day or a relaxing, peaceful day?

What type of self-care would you plan?

Would your Best Day Ever be about you or would it be about others?

What if your Best Day wasn't about you, but consisted of helping others and building them up???

  • Giving Compliments

  • Opening Doors

  • Being pleasant with others on the phone or in person

  • An act(s) of kindness

  • Calling someone who you have been thinking about

  • Dropping a card in the mail to someone

  • Purchasing a simple gift and delivering it anonymously

I feel that we have the choice to wake up every morning and be commitment to living our best day, every day. We have no idea what amazing things may be in store for us. The trick is to see what is there for you throughout the day. What connections are made? What aha moments do you experience?

Living mindfully of your thoughts, words and actions is the key to living this day to the fullest. Being connected to all of the gifts that are present.

Every day can be a day of Thanksgiving!

  • Grace

  • Mercy

  • Hope

  • Humility

  • Wisdom

  • Prosperity

Our first thoughts of our day = Gratitude! Being thankful for everything!

Our first words to ourselves each day, "Rise Up!" "This Day is a Gift." "I will not waste the tick tock of the minutes and I will make them count."

Maybe as you contemplate your work days or your days off, you repeat this statement to yourself. "I refuse to be negative in any way. I recognize and know that I will need to deal with problems and challenges, but I will remain hopeful through my thoughts, words and actions."

Something GOOD is going to happen for you today!

Rise Up xo, Chris

"Plan for Tomorrow, Live by Faith Today."

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I hope that you share your Best day with me.

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