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What Matters Most!

Sometimes you have to look back in order to go forward. In our fast paced lives, it is so easy to fill our days with busyness! To start this journey of looking back, I decided to dust off the photo albums and spend some time reflecting on the past 55 years. I like to look at life as a road map.

Where have I been?

Who has been in my life?

I look at the happy, challenging, fearful and sad events. I have always believed that things happen for a reason. All of our experiences end up being "gifts of life". Those gifts are not meant to be ignored, but embraced.

As I looked through the pictures that have made up my life, I found myself wanting to reconnect with others and a strong sense of community also appeared. So I took the time to reach out to others with cards of encouragement, friendship and sadly, cards of sympathy.

Our lives are where they are supposed to be for the moment. I enjoyed spending time looking at the sweet faces of our three children as they transitioned from babies to toddlers, children to young adults. I savor these photos and I will look to the future and the possibilities for new experiences of life shared with family, friends and new acquaintances. What Matters Most? The people within our lives and how we treat them! Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, close out the outside world and look at the journey of your life through your pictures, journal entries and any memorabilia that you have kept throughout the years. Enjoy!

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