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Happy Birthday!

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It's my Birthday! I love them and they give us a reason to celebrate life.


Birthdays give us an opportunity to reflect on the previous year (what were my blessings, accomplishments, challenges, obstacles, how did I grow, etc.). I look back on the past year. I ponder on how my spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and social well-being has improved.


Each day, I believe whole heartedly, that we have the opportunity to "Begin Again"! Each morning is a time to set your intention for the day. What is on my schedule? How do I want it to unfold? Who are the people that I will meet with today? How will I make a difference?

I think that it is important to remember that when we lay our heads down to rest that we reflect on it. "How did I do today?" We are all human. We make mistakes and might say, "Wow, I really messed up!" At night we can recap our day to realize that we either made good or poor decisions. Remember, we begin again! We can also ask ourselves:

Did I empower others?

Did I make a difference?

Did I love enough?

Then, for me, I pray and ask for clarity and guidance for the next day.


No matter what our age, we need to think of the future. So, we say, "Yes!" We enter into opportunities and we celebrate people and events. Look to the future. Make a list of all of the good things that you want to see happen. Those things could be as simple as trying a new food or restaurant, maybe taking a scenic road trip, trying yoga or a new exercise format, traveling to some place you never thought possible, going sky diving, rock climbing or volunteering. Joy is found in the mysterious places and at the most unexpected times. Keep your hope and let it grow.

I am no longer afraid.

Each week, I will share my insights and experiences with you. Maybe you'll read something that peaks your interest and you will benefit and improve your well-being from this blog. My definition of Life is working toward and realizing a life that is lived consciously with joy and fulfillment and by living by your values. Living is about improving our health, well-being, mindset and confidence one day at a time. I believe that we gain confidence by putting ourselves out into the world. When we stretch our minds and bodies, we expand our lives and press through the limits that we may impose upon ourselves.

Happy Birthday! Today is a new day.

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