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Self Renewal

"Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling." ~Deborah Day

Renewing your mind, body and spirit is essential every day. What are your first thoughts when you wake up? Do your thoughts reaffirm your purpose and uplift you or are they negative and self-defeating?

As the sun rises, grasp the opportunity to build your day one moment at a time. Establish your intentions for your day. Practice living in the present. This is your time to commit to yourself. Accept your past and release the memorized tapes that do not serve you.

By living in the moment, you can more easily make choices that are the best actions that can naturally bring light into your life. Today you can start creating the future that you desire and design.

How do you renew yourself?

  1. Become aware of your negative thoughts and patterns. Identify what words and actions that have occurred and are not in alignment with your life goals.

  2. Take time to write down your core values.

  3. Practice gratitude each day.

  4. Forgive yourself and others.

  5. Train your mind each day: read, listen to your favorite Youtube channel or podcast and repeat positive affirmations.

  6. Move your body. As you stretch your mind, you stretch your body. Practice yoga, get outside for a walk or get your heart pumping with some fabulous music and cardio activity.

  7. Nourish your body with colorful, whole, healthy food.

Going with the flow of life reduces stress. On a monthly basis, I meet with a spiritual coach. Recently, he shared this with me. I hope that it is impactful for you.

"I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding. “ ~John O’Donohue

Let the past go...all of it and embrace your new day and all that it holds. Take responsibility over your life by incorporating discipline over your thoughts, words and actions. Start romanticizing your life. Start believing in the power of your morning. Appreciate every cup of coffee as your best ever and accept that the simplest of things can be exciting, inspiring and new. Train your mind and change your life!


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