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Uncluttering My Surroundings!

I love Spring in Wisconsin! It brings renewal. Friends and neighbors are busy cleaning their garages, opening and cleaning the windows, enjoying yard work and relaxing walks! Homes are refreshing and closets are cleared. I feel good renewing and uncluttering.

I find that I have more peace, more energy, and a greater feeling of pride, when I am organized.

This week, I cleaned closets and drawers and I got rid of items that are not meaningful any more. I try to live by my husband's philosophy, "Don't love something that can't love you back." It isn't an easy undertaking for me as I always joke that I am a "Packrat in Recovery." I tend to want to hold on to memories, trinkets and reminders of life. To help with my journey, I live by the "Rule of 10". I walk into a room within our home and find 10 things that I either didn't like or haven't used in a long time. The items either go in the garbage or into a box to donate and those things go out of our home :)

I find myself being more productive when I have clean spaces and less clutter. Another trick that I do is that I set my timer for 20 or 30 minutes. I play upbeat music and dance through the house as I tackle a room or two. At the sound of the buzzer, I breathe freely and I feel accomplished! It is exhilarating.

I encourage you to enjoy this process too! Happy Spring!

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