"Navigating Out of the Dark"

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Total Life to me means working toward and realizing a life that is lived consciously with fulfillment, health and by your values.  Living a total life is about improving our health, well-being, mindset and confidence.  It is about a balanced nutritional plan, the way you train yourself to think and the way you exercise and move your body.

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When I started my journey to a healthy lifestyle, I wasn’t exercising or eating right.  My turning point was when I realized that I was carrying my daughter down the stairs and she was sitting on my muffin top.  I decided right then and there that I needed to change.  I wasn’t happy with my body and I needed to take action.  In addition, I had high cholesterol.   I have since transformed myself from being a woman who had self-doubt, felt unworthy and poor body image to a woman who is confident, vibrant, happy, joyful and healthy.  I have accomplished things that I never would have expected to do! 


I’ve tried everything….cleanses, diet pills, 7 day programs, 10 day programs, 21 day programs, 8 week programs. 

What works?  How you Think...How you Move...How You Eat!

Getting Clarity, aligning yourself with the right people with the right plan, setting goals, eating clean, moving your body, having a positive attitude and getting rid of negatives in your life.  I used a formula that is now share through my workshops, mindful yoga, book and speaking.  


"I Live a Life in Progress”.  When you find what works, you keep doing it.  When you have fun, you find more fun to have.  When you truly know what makes you happy, you choose more of what makes you happy.   




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What Does a Total Life Mean To You?

"The Total Life in your Seventies Equals Family, Friends & Health.  They are all important and contribut to make your life complete.  Family and Friends are the Sails, but health is your Anchor.  It drives how they are enjoyed!  Create a great's your only one!"

"Total Life means to me every aspect of your life.  Your mind, body and spirit.  Without focusing on all three areas, you are not going to get the results you desire."

"My idea of a Total Life is having my emotional and physical well-being not only be optimal, but also in sync with each other.  Only then can I be at my best for myself, my family and everything I need to tackle in life."