Why Total Life Coaching?

I am committed to helping others find the life that they were meant to live.  I do this through education in fitness, nutrition and self-empowerment.  No matter what your situation, where you are starting from or what you are facing, there's always hope and possibility.  Empowerment comes from knowledge, the right tools, full commitment, passion, clearly defined goals and the right guidance.  Achieving success can be a reality for anyone.  That is why I am fired up about coaching other individuals.  You will not receive a short term fix from Total Life Coaching.  You will learn that once you make commitments and adopt the right mindsets, goals, fitness and nutrition, lifelong changes can occur.  I'm living proof of that.

  • ​Personal Coaching: 

  • Group Coaching

  • Get Gym Ready

I absolutely thrive on meditation and body movement utilizing yoga poses.  i am sharing some of my sessions with you.  I hope that you enjoy them!






Mindful Yoga Practices!


Customer Service Workshop

If your employees need to improve their customer service skills and you are at a loss as to where to start and what to do, book this 2 hour workshop!  Your staff will leave feeling motivated to improve their positivity, morale and productivity!  They will gain a greater respect for their co-workers, management and owners.


Please email me at christineakotlowski@gmail.com to book this unique seminar.

Navigating Through the Dark