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How would you define Clearing? Are you struggling with unhealthy, automatic choices, acting on old behaviors and then living in regret and remorse? If so, it might be time to take the idea of Clearing seriously.

Clearing is NOT:

  • about the cluttered closets, the countertop full of paperwork or the long to-do list.

  • about the juggling of a million things all at once, lack of sleep, overwhelm and defeat.

  • about your family that doesn't take the garbage out or doesn't help with the dishes, your demanding boss or the rude people you meet.

  • about fixing, managing or getting rid of all of the extra items that you know you could get rid of. Here's what clearing is: * Clearing is an opportunity to bring compassionate awareness into your life and home that are out of balance. * Clearing is a journey that can be difficult and unpredictable. It is a journey that is confusing, emotional and sometimes exhausting. * Clearing is a daily, consistent practice that begins right where you are.

When those derailing thoughts occur, it is your resistance. Recognizing your resistance is a win! So stay the course. Press on and practice more. When you identify your good steps and the positive behaviors and habits that serve your life, if any person or your own voice tries to discount your efforts, say these statements out loud:

  1. This is the "clutter part" of my mind talking, it is not the real me!

  2. For change to occur, I have to change!

  3. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

  4. I have control.

  5. I am worthy.

  6. I am strong.

  7. As Nike says, "Just do it!"

You can achieve a peaceful state, lose weight, improve flexibility and balance, build a stronger body and mind, have meaningful relationships and experience financial abundance.

Begin your clearing practices today and may abundant blessings be your gifts.

Love, Chris

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Great advice!! ❤️😍


Love this and perfect timing...I am definitely stuck in mind clutter. So great to read this.

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