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What's Going on in Your Mind?

When we are adults, we are bombarded by details and decisions of broad spectrums and varying degrees. Sometimes it is difficult to decipher what the best decisions are to make. Research shows that the average person has 60,000 thoughts each day...that's alot of brain power. As easy and quick or as intricate and time consuming as decisions may be, they are vital to our success and happiness. At the top of our decision making are those that we make in regards to our health and well-being. Today's decisions will lay the foundation for the quality of our future experiences.


This week I'll focus on impactful ways to be healthy.

First, I'll set my standards for advising my young adult children.

Second, I'll identify the traits that are important to me in order to be a loving wife. Then on to emotional health. Meditation will start my day and I'll ask myself throughout the day, "How am I feeling?"

Spiritually, I will practice gratitude and be thankful.

Professionally, I will do the tasks that are of utmost importance first. I will listen to my intuition and create from a place of integrity. Physically, I will walk, perform body weight exercises and stretch!

I thought that I had come a long way in the world of nutrition and fitness, however, these days I am finding myself wanting to increase my expectations for my well-being and commit to bigger, bolder goals. Since I am dedicated to helping others create healthier lifestyles, I want to "Walk the Walk"! Settling is not a part of my DNA. So I'll live within this moment and I'll challenge my strength, endurance and abilities. I committed to 60 miles within 30 days! In addition, I am going to play more pickleball, tennis and golf. I want to practice those sports so that I can be active with my husband.

At the top of my decision list are my children and I strive to inspire them and to help others end their doubting game. So I will embrace the opportunity to be able to choose. I will commit to improving my healthy choices and focus on alignment and balance.

From Christine Kotlowski: Over the years, I have transformed myself from a mountain dew, snickers girl, working out inconveniently to a woman who respects exercise, eats healthy and generally thinks positively. I have invested thousands of hours learning and studying the field of physical training, nutrition and mindsets. These talents created the Rise Up 21 Day Life Improvement Program.

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