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Moving On

The "3" challenging C's, at least for me! CLOSURE - CHANGE - CONFLICT.

This past week, Closure was a biggy!

We moved our middle child, Chase, to Nashville to start his life-post college.

When our children were young, it seemed as though time stood still. Each experience was a new development and we applauded every new milestone. Even though we were living in the moments and embracing them with appreciation, so quickly, one by one, our babies were in their caps and gowns! They took to the stage of graduation, triumphantly. Each one embarking on young adulthood with optimism, support and hope. As a mom, I instantly felt miles away from them. Holding my breath, I paused from one experience to another and settled into the role of an empty nester.

So another chapter begins with a new adventure for Chase. I wrap him in love and prayers from hundreds of miles away and I affirm that he will be 110% fabulous. I refocus on the knowing that he won't be returning home this summer from college.

Yes, I will call and text him often!

Yes, thankfully, we can FaceTime so I can see his handsome smile and hear his voice.

Yes, I will search his location.

Yes, I will give him guidance and advice when asked.

Yes, I will reach out to him just to connect.

Yes, my thoughts and feelings will be sporadic for a while.

Yes, and above all, I will revel and applaud him for every new step that he takes!

So my affirmation: "We have done the best that we could have in raising our children. They will rise to their own occasion and embrace their journies. With Love, mom


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