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Rise Up 21 Day Life Improvement Course

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Since 2015, when we opened our fitness center, Level Up Fitness, I began a lifestyle program that helped 100's of people.  When Covid occurred, I needed to make adjustments.  Rise Up 21 was created!  It is 100% virtual!  You work at your own pace.  Each day for the 21 days, you'll receive an email that includes the topic of the day, workout, meditation and so much more!  After working with people for the past 30 years, I've found that we need to work all elements together:  Mindsets, Movement & Nutrition.

Join the hundreds of people who have improved their emotional, mental, physical and social well-being!

21 Days

Cute Girl

Day #1

Your Why

Healthy Bowl

Day #3

Rise Up to Nutrition


Day #5


Sandy Beach

Day #7

Core Values

Laptop and Plant

Day #9

Future Self

Gel Polish

Day #12


Library Book Choice

Day #14

The Power of Choice

People Walking

Day #16

Priority People


Day #18

Bold Goals

Serious Look

Day #20

Decide & Deepen

Rise Up 21

Thank You!

Yoga Pose

Day #2

Day of Movement

Taking notes and reading

Day #4

Healthy Habits

Digital art exhibit

Day #6


White Sand and Stone

Day #8


Crystal Salt

Day #11


Natural Cosmetics

Day #13

Self Love

Pink Cream

Day #15

Self Care

Wooden Frame Window

Day #17

The Art of Learning

Graphic Spiral

Day #19



Day #21

The End is the Beginning!

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