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Written from a daughter's perspective, "My Mom's Gone, Now What?" seeks to inspire others who may find themselves in a similar situation to come to terms with their loss, and more importantly, to move forward in their lives. The author's mother was to undergo a standard catheterization procedure when she suddenly goes into cardiac arrest at the age of sixty-two, leaving the family in shock and disbelief. Unable to share her sadness with anyone, Kotlowski struggles to cope by throwing herself into various activities-including operating her own day spa and salon-and consequently neglecting her health. When she discovers that she has health challenges just as her mother did, she slowly comes to the realization that she needed to make changes in her life; she needed to move on in order to live.

This book is filled with insightful advice and anecdotes, "My Mom's Gone, Now What?" is a journey of self-discovery and making the commitment to living a quality life.

My Mom's Gone, Now What?

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