• Christine Kotlowski


Updated: May 19

The Present is a Gift and it is happening for you. Someone asked me today if I am always cherry, pleasant and happy. She said that I always seem happy to see people and she couldn't even imagine if I was ever in a bad mood. I have to say that my attitude comes from practice.

I live by the saying, "It's all how you look at it." I encourage you to take the time to make a Gratitude List. Each morning before getting out of bed, I think of what I am grateful for. When you appcreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value.

Instead of wanting a new car, say, "I have a car!"

If you wish for a new career, what if you said, "I have a job!"

When you start having a little pity party and you feel sorry for yourself, think of each aspect of your life that you matter how big or how small!

Now is the time to write down your blessings and Be Grateful. ...if you are having a pity party, remember, "It can always be worse." Be Thankful!




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