• Christine Kotlowski


Updated: May 19

I am surrounded by friends and family 24/7 and I love and appreciate it. I am truly blessed. This week, however, I focused on solitude and spending time alone. Coffee alone to think. Working out alone, while no one was was just me and the treadmill and my weights. Push's worth it!

Eating alone in a restaurant has never been easy for me. I feel as though people are watching me and wondering and thinking about my story of life and why I am alone....clearly I need more practice at this.

Soul searching while sitting alone in nature can bring about thoughts that you would have never thought of if you were surrounded by people or sitting at your desk. I love watching the trees move in the wind. Take time to just be with is wonderful!

It's ok to be can be very productive. You have to like who you hang around with and it has to start with you.

I live by the saying, "Be Where You are At". If life brings you alone time, take advantage of the opportunity.




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