• Christine Kotlowski


Updated: May 19

Decisions. We make them all day! As easy and quick or as intricate and time consuming as they may be, they are vital to our success and happiness. As I get older, decisions in regards to my health and wellness are much more important. The choices that I make may prevent me from forming lifestyle illnesses for my "Future Self".

So this week was impactful in many ways. First, I set my standards for the way I want to parent our teenagers. Secondly, I identified with the traits that are important to me in ordert to be a loving wife. As far as our businesses, friendships and the outside world, I decided to make better decisions that were from a place of integrity and appropriateness, with boundaries, patience and balance. In terms of my health, I made some lifestyle decisions after doing some soul searching and long term goal setting for myself.

I thought that I had come a long way in the world of nutrition and fitness. Over the years, I have transformed myself from being a person who was a former mountain dew, snickers girl, who didn't like to workout to a woman who loves to exercise, eats healthy and generally thinks positively. I have invested thousands of hours learning and studying the field of physical training and nutrition. I am a certified Personal Trainer. I am certified in Sports Nutrition, and I teach several group fitness classes each week. This 52 Week Journey finds me wanting to increase my expectations for my well-being and commit to bigger decisions. Since I am dedicated to helping others create healthier lifestyles, I believe that I you have to Walk the Walk, not just Talk the Talk! I never want to settle....I want to continue to challenge my strength, endurance and abilities. I hope that my body holds out and that my positivity continues for years to come. One of my greatest achievements will be when I am an inspiration to our children and to others who may doubt themselves.

So I will embrace the opportunity to be able to choose. I am excited about the new and improved person that I can become, and I am excited to increase my strength training, eat better and feel great for another 50 years! Now on to Week #7!




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