• Christine Kotlowski

Take Action!

Updated: May 19

I think that in life you just have to "Take Action". When a thought of something that you want to do or when you have a goal that you want to achieve, I encourage you to put the wheels into motion, take the necessary steps to make it happen and then believe that it can happen for the good. As a new author of, "My Mom's Gone, Now What?" this song hit a very emotional chord within me and yet I found it comforting too. I am thankful that memories can last a lifetime and that music inspires the best in me.

Two weeks ago, I heard the song, "You Should Be Here" by Cole Swindell and I instantly loved it. A few days later, I heard that he was going to be playing in Madison, WI, so my daughter and I quickly went online and purchased tickets. Having worked for the radio station (20 years ago) that hosted the event, I reached out to my previous manager to see if he knew how I could go about giving Cole Swindell a copy of my book. He was gracious enough to provide me with a contact name who might be able to help me at the concert. So...before it started I got lucky and found this individual and asked him to share my book with Cole. He said YES! As far as I know, Cole received it and we were thrilled when his encore song was, "You Should Be Here". I hope that he finds some comfort and inspiration within the pages of the book and I hope that you listen to this beautiful song. The Link is Below.

Breathe Deep - Take Action - Enjoy the Journey!




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