• Christine Kotlowski

Uncluttering My Surroundings!

Updated: May 19

I love Spring in Wisconsin! It brings renewal. Friends and Neighbors are busy cleaning their garages, opening the windows, applying a fresh coat of paint and cleaning out the closets! It just feels good to declutter and compile what you don't use, so that you can donate it so that someone else might find a greater use for it.

I find that I have more peace, more energy, and a greater feeling of pride, when I am organized. It just feels good! This week, I cleaned closets and drawers and I got rid of items that are not meaningful any more. I tried to live by my husband's philosophy, "Don't love something that can't love you back." It isn't an easy undertaking for me as I always joke with friends that I am a "Packrat in Recovery." So here is my solution, I lived by my "Rule of 10". Each day I would walk into a room within our home and find 10 things that I either didn't like or haven't used in a long time. went into a box and it was out of the house :)

I find myself being more productive when I have clean spaces and less clutter. Now...on to Week #3!




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