• Christine Kotlowski

The Journey of Fearless & 50!

It is amazing to me that I have lived 50 years on the earth!

For some time I have been wanting to live this year to the fullest, making it healthy, vibrant, meaningful and filled with days spent with family and friends.

I have always loved birthdays! It is our time to celebrate life and the ability to continue forward. What that being said, this week starts the "Challenge of 52"!

My plan is to have a new or renewed experience each week for 52 weeks. I have selected some adventures that are simple and others that are a little more involved. Some weeks will be about renewing memories and things that I have loved to do over the years and others are going to put me completely out of my comfort zone. Check in weekly to see my blog and I hope that you join me in celebrating living life without Regrets! I am completely ready to grow, learn and interact with wonderful people and the adventures that are a part of this life story.

Here's to the Journey!




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