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It's My Birthday!

Yes, it's my birthday! And it's a great time to share with you an exciting "Total Life" Journey that will start in one year, when I turn 50! Beginning March 2016, I am going to live a new experience each week. I started my list of 52 activities a few years ago with anticipation of following through with this goal. Some weeks, it will be as simple as trying a new food or restaurant and other weeks may entail a scenic road trip, trying flying yoga, travel, indoor sky diving or volunteering.

Guess What? I'm going to take you along. Each week, I will share my experience with you. Maybe you'll see something that peaks your interest and you'll decide to do it too. I believe that when you commit something to paper wnt detail it in writing, it happens. Your thoughts, words and actions take you there. My definition of a Total Life is working toward and realizing a life that is lived consciously with fulfillment, health and by your values. Living a total life is about improving our health, well-being, mindset and confidence. I believe that we gain confidence by putting ourselves out into the world. When we stretch our minds and bodies, we expand our lives and press through the limits that we may impose upon ourselves.

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." Fred Devito US #1 Yoga Instructor




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